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Application of high-speed rail transit switch High-speed railway and rail transport industry
for the switch has special requirements, Honyone company has been committed to China\’s high-speed development to contribute a meager strength, honyone successively with the Chinese car company development of the whole, with the Dalian Locomotive Factory customized a series of locomotive special switch,

HONYONE Company MR1 switch,
RS22 Rotary switch are the Chinese car company specializing in customized products.Rail transit, high-speed rail project for the switch has extremely stringent testing requirements:

1. The functional test of the switch is absolutely reliable, and the mechanical life of the switch is generally guaranteed for more than 10 years, and there is no functional fault in the middle. 2. Switch for high temperature requirements, environmental use of up to 95 degrees, low temperature to achieve 零下40度.

and moisture resistance, salt alkaline high, in a variety of extreme complex climatic conditions to ensure the switch to the high reliability requirements. 3. Vibration resistance test requirements high, to meet the Chinese GB/T 21563-2008 Standard, the international IEC 61,373:1999 standards for testing, to ensure that under high vibration conditions, switch the reliability of the components, can not have functional failure occurred.