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HONYONE Medical switches are the skilled surgeon’s interface to the active components in his advanced minimally invasive surgical tool. HONYONE is behind the haptics the nurse expects when using a critical diagnostic tool or patient monitoring equipment. HONYONE Medical switches are the feel the patient gets when using their Home Health Care equipment. Our switches the soothing touch of the glucose monitors and drug delivery systems when testing or delivering critical medicines.

HONYONE is the leading provider of Medical Device switches. Our extensive switch portfolio is designed for quality, superior performance and long life cycles making us the first choice when you are designing mission critical medical devices. The medical switch needs to make a first impression with quality, superior electrical performance and a consistent professional feel. HONYONE Medical switches are designed and manufactured to make that first impression memorable and consistent with every use thereafter.

HONYONE has a Medical Switch Product Line highlighting sterilization safe products. Switches used to operate and control medical devices must be small, resistant to body fluids, in some cases; be sterilization safe, autoclave safe and pass bio-compatibility testing. HONYONE products are designed with medical application demands in mind. In addition to our industry leading switch portfolio and the HONYONE Medical Switch Product Line, we can customized any switch to meet the most demanding customer requirements. If haptic matching across your product portfolio is required, HONYONE  can do that. When your company’s reputation is on the line, it’s time for a HONYONE  medical switch.

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