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Honyone help you to solve the metal button switch inside the LED lights still have a faint peripheral light

How to solve the metal button switch inside the LED lights still have a faint peripheral light after closing

Recently Division I Quality Department often to receive customer\’s consultation, reaction our metal switch in the power off, the switch LED light will still have a faint peripheral, to the user caused the power is not completely shut down, or is still the illusion of consumption of electricity.

We honyone the company against the above problems to analyze the causes, solutions.

First, the Causes and solutions: 1. The customer switches on the device to connect the wrong line.

The switch is connected to the 0-wire (N) line, so that the surface of the switch can still control the start and shutdown of the device, in fact, can not be directly off the FireWire, resulting in the switch itself LED lights are still live work, because the circuit board and other live conductors will still be grounded as 0 lines, purchased into a small circuit, so the LED

Solution: The switch two wiring, reverse, that is, must use the switch control circuit of the FireWire, so that the normal operation of the equipment, as well as the user\’s personal safety assurance, you can also make the switch light off after the light will not leave. 2. The circuit produces a induced current. When the metal button switch is connected to the circuit, if there is a related part with strong magnetic field next to the switch, or the power inverter used, the quality is not clear, filter is not clean, even in the case of power off. There is still a part of the current to produce induced currents, there is the induced light, and this is the characteristics of the LED is determined, because the led to work the required current is tiny, as small as more than 10 Ma, so the induction of electricity can also make the lamp slightly bright.

The solution is to discharge the shunt resistor (1k~10k resistor) or shunt capacitor (0.1uf/450v electrodeless capacitor) on both ends of the switch led lamp. 3. Capacitance discharge. This is because the LED indicator is a DC power supply, the power supply is composed of circuits, the circuit has a capacitor and a lot of components, although the lights off, the lamp will be due to the discharge of the capacitor in the circuit has a glimmer, there is the current caused by light, this micro-bright capacitance of the capacity of the light, and sometimes in a few seconds Sometimes even a few hours can be discharged, and so on after the electricity. The LED lantern is closed by itself.

If always bright, one is to replace the power supply, the high-quality power supply after the shutdown, you can completely self-release the current, the other way as above figure 2nd parallel resistor or capacitor. The above three reasons basically include 98% of the problem, so customers do not have to worry about it. This problem is not the problem of switching, is led to the cause of the light, even if the micro-bright if not affect the look and feel, can also ignore, after all, LED lamp power consumption is very small. So please manufacturers engineers friends can rest assured that the use of Honyone brand Metal button, our 20 years of professional switch manufacturing experience, for you to solve the various difficult problems encountered.