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Honyone pushbutton switches used in musical instrument equipment.

        Does a mechanical pushbutton switch only be used in general electrical or production equipment? No, the TS27, PB26 and other series of pushbutton products produced by HONYONE have opened up another new application field for pushbutton switches!

        After the switch button caps are painted into white, these round pushbutton switches with  gold-plated contact inside, high conductivity, extremely small contact resistance, and smooth touch feeling can be perfectly matched for use in musical instrument equipment such as electronic pianos, making the instrument more excellent in quality and reliability, and able to work stably in large performance venues, providing musicians with precise touch and control. This is another innovative breakthrough in the field of switch applications made by HONYONE, which is guided by the principle of putting users first and constantly understanding and discovering customer needs. It is also a testimony to our continuous exploration and development.

         Never forget our original intention, keep our mission in mind, ensure quality, and aim to meet customer needs,working together. HONYONE will keep going to explore more possibilities on other products such as boat-shaped switches, pushbutton switches, sockets, etc., to provide customers with better quality products and services!


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