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Hong Kong autumn electronics fair 2018 was highly praised by the industry

Hong Kong autumn electronics fair 2018 was highly praised by the industry
HONYONE manulife has successfully completed the task of Hong Kong autumn electronics show 2018. During the four days of the company\’s product exhibition, HONYONE\’s new product KT series has been highly praised by customers and numerousEuropean and American businessmen show great interest in several projects after the project reassessment details.
At the exhibition, we also made some consultations with friends in the switching industry. During the exhibition, many of our old European and American customers also came to the site and gave feedback on our products and user experience, which deepened our understanding. At the same time, the high passenger volume of our booth has also attracted the attention of the organizing committee of the Hong Kong trade development council, which has specially filmed and interviewed our booth in an all-round way, and issued a special invitation for the Hong Kong autumn electronic exhibition in 2019.
The successful completion of this exhibition, thanks to the hard work of our staff, and the friendship and appreciation of new and old friends in various industries, we look forward to seeing you again in Hong Kong autumn electronic exhibition 2019!