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HONYONE new touch free key switch TF series is on the market

In order to fight against coVID-19, HONYONE research and development team developed the contactless button switch TF series at the request of customers. The switch closure can be controlled without any contact between hands and the switch panel at 30mm away. Solved the epidemic period. The embarrassing situation of using toothpicks and keys on the elevator.

New TF series Touch Free key switch. Is my company in the original PT modified on the basis of photoelectric Touch switch series, perfect solve the button switch, must use hand contact with the working principle of the performance is superior to common capacitive Touch switch, in the elevator buttons, entrance guard system, medical equipment, public places button with no contact switch precedent.

TF series switch working principle:

When the finger approaches the surface of the switch (20mm~40mm), the signal changes between the transmitting end and receiving end of the photoelectric switch, thus triggering the output signal VCC of the control chip. Whether the switch is started or not is indicated by LED indicator light, buzzer or vibrator. The normal state is that when one color is triggered, it changes to another color, so as to control the starting and closing of the equipment.

new touch free key switch TFhttp://www.honyone.com/cn/products/class_2_1.html

Product features and application fields:
1.Input voltage: rated DC12-24V
Standby current: around 80uA
Operating current: about 1mA
How it works: Light sensitive touch
Output contact :NO,COM
Panel material: fireproof PC
Product life :1 million times
Durability: 1 million tests
Scope of Application: Most elevators
Operating temperature: minus 20℃ to +50℃
2. Water or oil on the surface will not affect the normal operation of the keys.
3. Unlimited key spacing allows for the design of dense keys.
4. Life expectancy is more than 200,000 hours, or about 23 years.
5. The ability to resist electromagnetic interference is much better than the capacitive key.
6, not affected by the contact media, can use fingers, paper, gloves, as long as can block the light of the object can be used.
7. No contact button, which can avoid the spread of virus in public places.
8. The products are widely used in elevator buttons, access control system and medical equipment. Public facilities, food manufacturing facilities.

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