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AC POWER SOCKET the trend of fashion development

The progress of science and technology has brought about the development of the industry. The progress of AC power socket is not only reflected in its function, but also in the following directions: artistic, intelligent, wireless, and material technology innovation. The following will introduce the future development trend of HONYONE AC power socket from these aspects:
First, art will become a future ac power socket development trend. Modern people\’s artistic demand for household appliances is increasingly rich, requiring them to change from cold industrial products to artworks full of warm creativity. Ac power outlets, which have been less noticed in the past, are also being asked to be more artistic and stylish in everything from colour to shape.
Second, the trend of intelligence. With the improvement of privacy and convenience of people\’s home life, smart AC power socket will also become the breakout point of the future market. For an ordinary person, it is wonderful to enjoy the convenience and intelligence brought by high-tech development from a small electrical outlet, and it will also bring unexpected changes to our life.
Third, the development trend of wireless. Nowadays, most electrical products use wired charging. With the development of wireless power supply technology in the future, ac power sockets may also realize wireless charging. It converts electrical energy, such as a laser, to light energy, which is then converted back into electricity by a light-electricity converter.
Fourth, the innovation trend of socket material technology. In the traditional AC power socket, the color is painted or printed with silk screen. The color texture looks dull and lackluster, and the silk screen effect of the pattern is not clear. In addition, the plastic shell itself does not have enough adhesive force, so these colors and textures are easy to fall off. Therefore, HONYONE needs to innovate on the material of AC power socket to a more stable, more environmentally friendly and more green shell making material.

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