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AC POWER SOCKET major performance indicators

Customers who have used HONYONE AC power socket have asked about the performance index of AC power socket. As a necessary strong electric product for connected electrical appliances, poor product quality will cause irreversible consequences for users or electrical appliances. Therefore, national standard GB2099 strictly stipulates the performance index of AC power socket, which mainly includes the following points:
General requirements: the design and structure of ac power sockets shall be guaranteed to be safe and reliable when used by users, and shall not pose a threat to the surrounding environment and the safety of users. The products shall meet all relevant requirements and pass prescribed tests and inspections.
Logo: AC power socket itself should clearly indicate rated voltage, rated current, symbol with power nature, product model, protection grade, company trademark and other information; Ac power socket parts themselves should also have part number and company logo, for the small parts, the requirement is to make the logo clear and legible, durable.
Anti-shock protection: When designing the shape and structure of ac power socket, it is required that the socket should be installed with normal wiring so that the live parts are not exposed and not easy to be touched, even after some parts that can be removed without special tools are removed; When the plug is partially or fully plugged into an AC power outlet, the live parts of the plug are not easily accessible; If a metal socket panel is used, the panel should be insulated or insulated with a liner.
Grounding: When the plug is ed into the socket, the grounding pin should be connected to the grounding socket first, and the current-carrying socket should be charged. When the plug is pulled out, the current-carrying socket should be disconnected before the grounding pin is disconnected, which is what the earthed ac power socket structure should do.

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