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Honyone Dongguan Branch officially put into operation

Honyone Dongguansource Precision Electronics Branch was formally established and put into operation After Manulife Source Group Corporation Nearly two years of preparation work, Dongguan Hongyuan Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. from November 20, 2017 onwards, officially put into operation, the company registered capital of 5 million yuan, and buy their own office space, please professional company design and decoration.
The company has a finance department, procurement Department, network Publicity department, marketing department, Engineering Research and Development department. Dongguan Branch is the main task, for Manulife Source Honyone head Office for the overall marketing team, research and development team, the use of Dongguan region\’s talent advantage, policy advantages, the overall promotion of the entire company\’s business operations capabilities, the current Dongguan company is applying for High-tech enterprises.
And the right to export their own business.
Thus far, Honyone company has formed a preliminary to Huizhou Hongyuan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (manufacturing base), Hong Kong Manulife Source International Limited (export business), Dongguan Hongyuan Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. (Research and Development and operation) as the main body of the three-flavor company, for the development of Honyone to provide sustainable power.