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The advent of the metal photoelectric touch switch

The first photoelectric metal touch switch in the honyone switch industry
Honyone Electrical Appliance co., Ltd. After nearly 2 years of research and development, the global switch line business in the first photoelectric touch switch test success, our PT series Photoelectric Touch switch, has passed, withstand voltage, current load test
As well as simulating various application environments for laboratory testing, for example, through the most stringent Tesla coil EMI testing, strong light exposure testing, IP68 waterproofing test, up to 3 a current, 72 hours load test, sensitivity, delay time and other Tests. At present, for specific customers to carry out a small batch of real-time delivery Verification.At the same time Honyon also applied to the PT series Switch invention patent, in the autumn electronic exhibition in Hong kong, our PT series Photoelectric Touch switch will be displayed on the Spot.

Research History:
Honyone Company in 2010 began to carry out the research and development of the touch switch, has experienced three research and development stage.
The first stage (2010-2012), the development of resistive touch switch, because of the growth of resistive touch screen, we have been to apply to the relevant switch industry market, but in the research and development trial-production process found that resistive touch switch has the following shortcomings: 1. Resistive touch switch due to the need for a certain amount of pressure, long time is easy to cause surface material wear, affect the normal service life of the product; 2. Resistive touch switch Its sensitivity is not easy to adjust, prone to sensitivity imbalance, a-point sensitive, b-point Sluggish phenomenon often occurs 3. Resistive touch switches are less capable of dealing with disturbances and less capable of preventing false movements.
Anything that touches a thing can cause Action.
Due to the limitations of resistive touch switch, the application of the current in various areas of the gradual reduction disappears, Division I also stopped the research and development work of this Switch.
The second stage (2013-2015), the development of capacitive touch switch, capacitive touch switch, the Person\’s finger head (separated by thin glass) and the coupling capacitance formed by the working face to suck an AC current, This is the origin of the capacitive "capacitance" name: work by coupling capacitance. But there are some drawbacks to capacitive touch switches.
Makes one touch technology difficult to be widely recognized in the switch industry. Cons: 1, Unstable.
The way of coupling capacitance is directly affected by temperature, humidity, finger wetness, body weight, ground dryness, and the interference of large area objects is very large, which brings about unstable results.
2, The service life is relatively short of resistive touch Switch.
The third stage (2015-2016), the development of piezoelectric touch switch, the working principle of piezoelectric switch is relatively simple, is through the switch inside a piezoelectric sensor chip, feel the pressure of foreign affairs and the mechanical energy into electrical energy, to produce a switch signal To control the switching on/off.
however, There are a series of defects in the piezoelectric switch, which makes the series of PZ Piezo switches, which can only be used in a very small industry.
Limitations of Piezo Switches:
1. Piezoelectric switch metal casing processing accuracy requirements are relatively high, the thickness of the surface shell to control around 0.3mm thickness, not too thick, the most affect the sensitivity of the piezoelectric chip, too thin will affect the service life of the Switch.
2. The use of the switch must be a certain pressure to be able to move, the ordinary consumer is difficult to control the size of the pressure, too small not action, too big Easy to crush, the use of poor experience.
3. The use of a large limit, only suitable for pressure requirements of the relevant Industry.
Phase IV (2016-2018) Photoelectric touch switch research and development phase, Honyone Company comprehensive years of touch switch research and development work, the photoelectric touch technology applied to the switch industry, the formation of the latest photoelectric touch switch, the use of optical and electronic conversion work principle, to solve the

Before the limitation of resistive type, capacitive type, piezoelectric touch switch, It can solve various problems in practical application Better.
At present Honyone company research and Development of the latest PT series Photoelectric Touch switch, the main advantages are:
1. High water resistance IP68 waterproof Grade.
2. Switch exterior material can be made of metal, glass, marble and other Materials.
3. Unaffected by external strong magnetic field, strong light, Interference Ability. 4. The function of the switch can be reset (on)-off.
Self-Locking On-off Function.
5. Panel logo can be customized, various custom logo.
6. Wide input voltage (5-28v). High output current up to 3A
7. Touch body can use finger, conductive metal, Insulator.

8. Adjustable sensitivity, can modulate delay Function.

Application Fields:

Photoelectric metal touch switches are also widely used: hotels, wall switches in high-end residential buildings, hotel access control systems, kitchen smoke machines, food processing machinery, medical equipment and other FIELDS.
It is believed that in the near future, the photoelectric touch switch of Honyone will be popularized in more daily Life.