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How the Emergency Stop Switch works and its future application

      Emergency stop switch is a push type、Red mushroom head button  switch (general the button is red). Press down to lock, Rotating to release. Some emergency stop button also with LED lights for convenient operation, and the control the circuit of the equipment which is connected in series, used to directly disconnect the power supply of the control circuit in emergency, so as to quickly stop the equipment. It also belongs to the command control electrical switch, when the machine is in a dangerous state, cut off the power quickly, stop the operation of equipment, to protect the safety of the human body and equipment.

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But for the function of the emergency stop switch maybe someone do not have a special understanding, now MR.Li from HONYONE  will give you a specific introduction:

Function,working principle and precautions of emergency stop button:

       In industrial safety requirements of some transmission parts will be directly or indirectly in abnormal circumstances will cause harm to the human body of the machine must be protected measures, emergency stop button is one of them. So in the design of some transmission parts of the machine must be added to the emergency stop function. And it should be set on the surface of the machine that can be easily pressed by the personnel, without any shielding. Emergency stop, just directly to press down, you can quickly make the whole equipment immediately stop or release some transmission parts. To start the device again, the button must be released. It is usually just a matter of turning it in a clockwise direction of about 45° and releasing it. The pressed part will spring up. That is, "released." But in the practical application process, some manufacturers of equipment personnel also have the wiring is wrong, that is, directly press the button equipment began to work, to stop by rotating instead, so the emergency stop switch, has become a delay stop switch. This point must be in practical application to avoid the wrong line.

What is the difference between the emergency stop switch and the normal pushbutton switch

       Emergency stop switch is also a self-locking button switch, before it comes out, people have experienced a lot of industrial accidents and false trigger cases, because the machine equipment in the use of ordinary button, press down to lock on, and press the switch to spring the contact to disconnect. This process takes at least 0.3 seconds, and the equipment cannot be stopped immediately, causing harm to the operator. And the emergency stop switch, clap down immediately disconnected, can be realized in 0.1 seconds to disconnect the power supply. Do not underestimate the short time of 0.1 seconds, can largely avoid the occurrence of serious accidents. On the other hand, in the event of an emergency, people may press the button continuously because of panic, causing the switch to stop and start again, but the formation of secondary injuries. And the invention of emergency stop button, if you want to be connected twice, you need to rotate the switch clockwise to release the contact to be connected, so as to avoid the occurrence of repeated accidents. The invention of emergency stop switch perfectly solves the above two problems.

      From the functional, general purpose push button switch is used for control of the machine, to start the machine running or stopped, for example, are often spring return, while the emergency stop button switch is used to suspend equipment running in accidental injury of a kind of security measures, are generally not lock type button, trigger abrupt stop after the shoot down, Manual rotation is required for release reset.

      In terms of color and appearance, the emergency stop button must be highly visible and recognizable in color and shape, usually in the shape of a red mushroom, and must be easy to operate in an emergency. There is no color requirement for normal buttons.

      Emergency stop button on the NC contact will have a direct disconnect action of a device (forced disconnect device), and the ordinary button is not. Because if the switch contact is adhered to the state, the device cannot stop. Therefore, for safe application, NC contacts will be used on the switch of the emergency stop button.

Application prospect and future development direction of emergency stop switch:

       With the emergence of touch screen, many machine tool equipment have switched to touch-sensitive screens, reduce the use of switch, but many countries have mandatory requirements in the operation of dangerous equipment must be forced to install emergency stop switch. Even if all switches are disabled on a device, the emergency stop switch must be retained and installed in a prominent location. Easy to use in emergency situations. According to the survey, the global market of emergency stop switch is still growing at 5-8% annually by major manufacturers such as EAO, OMRON RAFI APEM SCHNEIDER ELECTRIAL and so on.

       The emergency stop switch from the original plastic shell, to metal material development, HONYONE also timely launched the EBM series of all metal emergency stop switch, and at the same time there are emergency stop switch with indicator light,IP67 waterproof, IK10 riot function. In addition, in order to avoid misoperation, an anti-miscontact protection frame is also developed.

       From the perspective of application market, CNC equipment for industrial machine tools, injection molding machines, elevators, medical testing equipment, mining machinery, rail transportation. In the aerospace sector, demand for emergency stop switches grows by nearly 3% per year. HONYONE has also started r&d and production in this area since 2018.

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